Solutions by Magnetrain (R)

Elevated High Speed Transportation for People and Freight


No one has yet produced a commercially viable high speed transportation for people and freight that is able to go long distances over various terrains and is elevated so as not to impede on grade traffic.  The Magnetrain (R) will incorporate the use of the latest hydrogen technology for energy and solar technology for areas remote.  

Our Team is the only one authorized to build Magnetrain(R)  since 1984.  1) James Kroh the original patent designer 2) Adelle McKinney the original assistant to Mr. Vinson since 1984.

3)  Ron Parkhurst joined the team in the 1990's  4) Lily Banks, Jerry Prickett and Tom Darby joined the team in 2000,

Others came and went but this team stayed committed to the task of seeing America's new transportation system become a reality!

Col. Roy Vinson, USA Retired with Capt. Jerry Prickett, USN Retired