Technology Team


When funding is available our three senior technology advisors will put together the best team to work on Magnetics and Hydrogen as advisors and hire a entire new team of engineers, structural, systems and electrical engineers.

We applaud the following team members who never gave up on this breakthrough:

Dr. Tom Darby, USA Retired (Col)

Jerry Prickett, USN Retired (Capt)

Jim Kroh, Patent Designer for Magnetrain

Ron Parkhurt Business

Dr. Adelle McKinney since 1984 and Mr. Jim Kroh since 1974 have been with Magnetrain spending thousands of hours in meetings and discussions with potential funders, engineers and businesspeople.    If any one represents themselves to be part of the Magnetrain Project, please contact us to verify.


Phone: 1-626-827-0046


Jim Kroh,  Patent Illustrator


"These three gentlemen (Vinson, Prickett and Darby) worked on some of the greatest technology inventions of the 20th century.  As inventors focused on communication technology, their vision has not changed for transportation and energy technology.

They have had a part in the greatest feat of mankind putting a Man on the Moon (Apollo Project);  Designing Nuclear Power Plants; Radium Batteries and now Hydrogen Technology to be used with the Magnetrain (R). R&D ended in 2014 due to lack of funding but no lack of belief in the technology.

Ron Parkhurst, President 

Dr. Adelle McKinney, Exec. VP

Our deepest respect goes to our Inventor/Founder and  team members who give their 100% 

 lifelong support to this project.

Col and Mrs. Roy Vinson, Apollo Program

Dr.  Rollin Parker, Physicist

Dr. Klaus Kronenberg, Physicist

Mr. George Elliott . Apollo Program

Mr. Vaughn Best, Hughes Research

"Genius is simply common sense." 

Roy Vinson


Team with Charles Haughey
Hughes Research Patent Atty