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Hi!  We are Dr. Mike and Adelle McKinney.  


The Promise Channel is named after our vision for Promise Christian University, Promise Broadcasting Network, Students of Promise,

Promise University Press, and the Promise Channel.

God gave us a vision of impacting the world by producing programs of solid biblical based apostles, ambassadors, missionaries, prophets, preachers, pastors, evangelists and teachers.


We opened this new ministry by faith and with the help of our friends.  Like a bumble bee that doesn't know he can't fly, we believe this opportunity and technology has been placed in our hands to help YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your generation.


People are beginning to realize that INTERNET TV is the wave of the future.  It started way back in 1990 with the first major internet access carrier - AMERICA ONLINE.  Today the INTERNET HIGHWAY is broader and better than ever!


Promise Broadcasting Network can help you develop your program and get you on the INTERNET HIGHWAY.  Please give us a call today.

It is easier and more affordable than you realize!  (626) 657-8003 and ask for Adelle

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