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Drs. Mike and Adelle McKinney, Ordinary Servants of the Lord

Since 1971, Adelle and I have been in full time ministry.  We founded Victory in Christ Church and International Ministries (1973-1999)  which the Lord transformed into World for Jesus International in 1982 - Present.  Then we began the Pastors Network of Church and Pastors in 1996 to present.  In 2002, Promise Christian University as officially registered.  Finally the Promise Channel came into being in 2016.  All we have done has been by faith.  No millionaires to support us, just God's people.

We believe that God will supply our needs according to His riches in glory.  Since 1979, we have taken his message of encouragement to the nations of the world.  Our team that goes with us are all self funded.  All done because we believed God called us and chose this ministry to be a leader in this generation.  

Your gifts, are so much appreciated.  During this time of the Covid19 we decided not to depend on the government to subsidize our ministry, but we are asking God to subsidize our ministry because God is the great provider and during the crisis in Israel when Elijah pronounced the great drought in the land, provided for Him.  God will provide for you too! 

So if you would like to send a gift to support the ministry, we are using  Thank you for helping us reach the world for Jesus Chris


Mail your contributions to:

World for Jesus, PO Box 3003, Covina, CA 91722

World for Jesus International is a 501(3)(c) religious non-profit Christian organization Church and Ministry reaching the world for Jesus Christ since 1973.

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