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Support Promise
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Support the Promise Channel by 
making a donation on the Givelify Platform.
Once you choose the amount of your contribution then you can choose which ministry you want it to go to on this special platform.

We produce content and air content videos for non profit ministries.

Upcoming 2023 the Promise Governance Conference - Networking Leaders in September

We offer Pastors and Non Profits the opportunity to host a channel on our station for only $50 a month if you are able to provide ready to air content videos, advertisements of your ministry etc.  If we need to format then $100 a month.

All donations go to support the Promise Channel on the Air.

At Promise Christian University we are building a Media and Ministry department.  Also we are looking for volunteers to help us film, direct and edit production.

We film on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  Call Adelle at 626.827.6405. Leave a message.

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