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Michael and Adelle McKinney have been interested in broadcasting since 2012. They have produced over 600 videos for non-profit ministries.  The Promise Channel (R) was registered in 2017 specifically for TV and Internet Broadcasting.   Today, with the help of Strimm TV we are making this a reality for Pastors, Ministries and Leaders in the Marketplace.  You can add a channel to the PROMISE CHANNEL NETWORK and we do hope to be on ROKU, FIRE BY JULY 2023.  We need your financial support! 


You can TEXT TO  626.838.6873 a link will be sent to your cell phone.  Make a donation to help us enlarge our capacity here at
World for Jesus, Promise Christian University and the Promise Channel.
(World for Jesus a 501(3)c Religious Non Profit Organization).  


About Us

Dr. Mike and Adelle McKinney
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