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Welcome  to Promise Christian University's Chaplain Training Program

Always Ready to Serve

The Chaplains Training Program was initiated in 2007 at the request of the United States Volunteers Joint Services Command to train their Christian Chaplain Volunteers.  Today our Program offers a Christian Biblical Based course as a foundation to the Work of a Chaplain.  This training prepares traditional Christian men and women for the work of a Chaplain.  Students must have a recommendation from their pastor to enroll in this course. 

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All About Chaplains Training

The First Office of the Chaplain was initiated by General George Washington

In July of 1775 the Second Continental Congress with the urging of then Colonel George Washington to institute the first Military Chaplains in the Continental Army.  Today the ministry of the chaplain has grown beyond that of military service, to hospital, hospice, police, fire, corporate, and to volunteer organizations such as military auxiliary groups, churches, and government chaplaincy.

Where are Promise Christian University graduates of the Chaplains Certificate Program serving or have served?

1. Chaplains Corps of the United States Volunteers Joint Services Command, Riverside National Cemetery

2. Chief of Chaplains of the USV-JSC

3. Arcadia, Baldwin Park, Covina, Police Departments

4. Spiritual Care Department Emanate Hospital

5.  1) National Guard Chaplain

6.  2) United States Navy Chaplain

7.  Several Prison Chaplains

8.  Several Hospice and Retirement Home Chaplains

9.  California Wing Civil Air Patrol

10.  Department of Justice, Philippines

future possibilities corporate, school and VA Chaplains

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Certificate of Chaplaincy

Consists of three courses

Chaplains Training I

Introduction and history of chaplaincy.  It covers all areas of chaplaincy and why deciding to serve as a chaplain is a very high honor.  Many military chaplains have been awarded the Medal of Honor for heroic service at the risk of their own lives.  Chaplaincy is a brotherhood of men and women who are committed to serving others.  This famous stained glass window is in the chaplain at the Pentagon where the plane struck on 9/11.  You will revisit their story as it is the heart and soul of the Ministry and Work of a Chaplain.

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Chaplains Training 2 - Pastoral Care

This class allows the student to learn about the ministry and caring side of chaplaincy.  Chaplains are caregivers, encouragers, and comforters. You will learn the basics of Christian Bible based caregiving and have ample opportunities to visit real life stories and discussions in class.

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Chaplains Training 3 - Hospital 
Chaplains Training 3 - Volunteer Mllitary Service

Students can choose to take the Course that primarily is for Hospital, Caregiving, Hospice and Rest Home chaplaincy.

Or, students can choose the Leadership and Volunteer Services Track which gives students actual training in Military Funeral Honors, Customs and Courtesies, and Leadershp and Management training.

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970 S Village Oaks Dr. #201, Covina, CA 91724


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