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About us


Since 1979 

Dr. Michael and Adelle McKinney have travelled internationally raising up leaders in ministry and the Marketplace.  

In 2016, Dr. Moussa Bongoyok, the former Academic Dean of Promise Christian University inspired us to bring together from all the nations friends, colleagues,

and leaders in government, academics, military, ministry and the marketplace to

network with others in a smaller setting to share successes and

challenges and encouragement

that Nothing is Impossible if God in in it.

Today, the Promise Governance Institute is hosting Leadership Networking Conferences around the nation and the world.

This is a NEW MISSION!

To reach Christian Leaders in Academica, Business, the Church and Government (ABC @G)  together to renew their commitment to godly leadership and righteousness in governance!

Dr. Michael and Adelle McKinney

President and Founders
Promise Christian University

Every year we are honored to be bringing national leaders together from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.  A cross cultural meeting that will empower you and encourage you  to overcome challenges and implement strategies to bring good governance to your nation.

These proven leaders have successfully implemented programs and policies that have  improved the lives of their people.  Likewise, brilliant forward thinking academics will be presenting information on new strategies, and sometimes forgotten strategies, and policies that are working.  There will be no wall or barriers to those presenting, sharing and speaking as this conference of selected individuals will benefit both officials and academics, rulers and the scholars who's mutual goal is the betterment, prosperity and welfare of the people they serve.

Dr. Eric Giorgio, Director

I am the Vice President and Provost at Promise Christian University. As the Director of the Promise Governance Institution, I invite you to attend a  PGI Conference.  I am originally from Ethiopia..  Why are we starting  a Movement to  bring Leaders from Academia, Government, Business and the Church together from the East, West, North and South  together to share ideas and the  challenges nations are facing?


Because  “All though Biblical history, whenever God wants to do something good for a nation, break a curse or bring a blessing, He always raises up a leader.  When He planned to establish a nation from or through whom the Messiah would come, he call Abraham.  When He wanted to deliver Israel from slavery, He raised up Moses, Daniel, Joseph, Samson,Deborah, Gideon, Esther, etc. they were all raised by God to do redemptive acts for the nation.  God is interest in the welfare of His nation, and an indicator of a positive intent of God to bless or deliver a nation is when he raises up a leader according to His standards, not necessarily to pander to popular demands, but to honor His principles and apply them to given situations.” 

Quote from Atty Lyndon Cana, Philippines.


Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers.

Proverbs 11:14 NLT

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