Hosting the Reception for Delegates August 5


The Conference is near Walmarts, Ross for Less, Marshalls, Target, Burlington Coat Factory and West Covina Fashion Plaza


When the Righteous are in Authority, the People will Rejoice. We are encouraging leaders in all spheres of our society to rise up and return their nations back to God.


Hosting the Reception for Delegates August 5


The Promise Governance Conference has 

impacted the hearts of God's leaders

from USA, Asia, Africa and Europe

Comments from Hawaii...

Barbara McCaffrey, "What we are doing here, along with the renewal project, God has given us both the same platform.. God has given us both the same platform.."

Terry McCaffrey, "It was fantastic a great time and moving of the Holy Spirit. J esus started with 12 disciples and they changed the world."

Marie Giorgio, "It was pivotal...these meetings...God is moving on the earth right now and we are partnering with him.  East meets West in Hawaii. "

Eric Giorgio, 'God has a purpose and plan.  The Bible says, "The Government shall be upon His shoulder of his kingdom there shall be no end."  Education, Government and Commerce even the church has gotten out of the way of God.  We have sided so far to the worldly way, I believe a conference like this is needed, to talk about what is it that God wants.  What is the purpose of Goverment? All the seven mountains should serve the purpose of God.  We need to do our best and bring that to the table so the people were ever we go will bring that exciting to serving the Kingdom of God so that all these mountains will converge together and do what God wants.  

Belen Yu, "I believe what we are doing is changing the thinking of a lot of Christians about governance.  There is governance in church, in the family etc.  I believe that God is going to open more doors for us

Jackie Hornsby "I believe that God has put upon a mantle at Promise Christian University to impart and impact our leaders.  God is causing us to come together in unity.  We have tiled the ground here in Hawaii and I believe their thinking has changed.  God is calling us to be together, to transform our minds and thinking.

Janessa Yu, "I have been honored to be a part of what God is doing here.   The fact that this conference took place during the feast of tabernacles is not an accident.  This is really prophetic...to what this conference is doing, because the church is meant to to be the place where the world comes to see how the kingdom should operate.  We should n't be looking to the world, but the world should be coming to us.  This is what is going to happen when the churches are transformed  to affect the world around them.  I believe this conference is starting a new type of spiritual revival that the church will be built in its fullness. "

Adelle McKinney, "Pastor MIke and I are very thankful for our team that came with us to Hawaii.

Many pastors are changing their mindset when it comes to government, academics, the church and politics.

Michael McKinney, "This is an important time for the world and for Hawaii.  We came here for a significant reason to bring forth the understanding of the importance of involvement of God s people in the end time hours, in the various professions, government and politics.  I believe now through the influence of the Holy Spirit the Lord has put that burden in our heart for our nation and the nations of the world.  We believe that this university and ministry is called to unit our people together to spearhead something great an unusual. 


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