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Promise Leaders Networking  Conference


Comments from Delegates 

"God is launching a "movement" a wave 

to change the world

A nation can be born in a day.


Urgent need of international solidarity


Governance needs to be founded on the ten commandments


Excellence and integrity is our goal

This can change the world for governance.


We need to sensitize Christians in our respective churches to adopt the vision of changing the societal landscape of the world.

Makati, Philippines
Baguio, Philippines
Dr. Michael and Adelle McKinney
Dr. Jackie Hornsby

Drs. Terry and Barbara McCaffrey

Dr. Mila Mercader and Judith Villegas

Dr. Diwa and April Guinigundo

Dr. Dexter Low

Rev. Caesar Acero

Jesus is Lord  Pastors

200 Pastors in Baguio

Rev. Ray Mananes

Rev. Patricio Lawaguey

Rev. Lordy Villaneuva

Photos from the 1st

Promise Governance Conference 2018

Ontario, California

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