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God is Moving in the Nations Be Encouraged

Nations are turning to God!! America this memorial day we remember our fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our freedoms. We remember Jesus Christ son of God Almighty who gave His life that we might experience true freedom and liberty and live in peace and harmony with all mankind. Elizabeth Jordaan wrote concerning the Chief Justice of South Africa “Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, a devoted Christian, had a massive task yesterday at the House of Parliament – to preside over the swearing-in ceremony of 400 members from 14 political parties, taking their oath to serve in the Sixth Democratic Parliament. Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng swore in designated members of the National Assembly in Parliament on Wednesday, 22 May 2019, in South Africa. Source: GCIS But before he began, the Chief Justice did something that has never been done before. He dropped to his knees and prayed. During his presidency elect speech, Cyril Ramaphosa thanked the Chief Justice for not only presiding over the establishment of South Africa’s new parliament, but for his prayer. “I want to thank you Chief Justice for doing an unprecedented act of going on your knees and praying, not only for this Parliament, but praying for our nation,” said Ramaphosa. “I wish it was broadcast so that everyone in the land could hear what prayer the Chief Justice was offering.”

Ramaphosa added that it is “wonderful to have a Chief Justice who’s not only a person deeply steeped in jury prudence, but also a person deeply steeped in matters of the faith. Thank you very much Chief Justice.” Ramaphosa was unanimously elected as South Africa’s state president today by lawmakers in Parliament’s National Assembly lower house ahead of his inauguration on Saturday, in a meeting which was filled with positivity and a sense of hope for collaboration between parties and a ‘new dawn’ for South Africa. Please continue to pray for our nation. Inauguration of the president us on Saturday 25 May 2019, on Loftus Versfeld stadium, an unprecedented move away from the traditional seat of the South African Government, the Union Buildings. It severs the new president elect, Cyril Ramaphosa from the old foundations and previous governments, and lays the first stone of hope for a peaceful, transformed and righteous nation.” Australia - LNP is projected to win 78 seats- a majority (minimum required is 76) after 88% of votes were counted.

Now need to pray for the result of the senate - that LNP will have a majority( will take up to 2 weeks for the final result).
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